Louie Betton is a Berlin-based actor with extensive radio and television experience. His mother-tongues are German, English and Danish. He was a regular cast member on the renowned German detective series Tatort ("Crime Scene") in which he plays the son of the main character Nina Ruben (Meret Becker) and has played key roles in more than a dozen series and films.

Born: 2001 (19 years old)  

Based in: Berlin      

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 174cm, 5ft 7'

Build: light, athletic


English (mother tongue)

German (mother tongue)

Danish (mother tongue)

Sports: Climbing/Bouldering, Swimming, Badminton, Biking 

Agency: Rietz Casting, Berlin-Potsdam. kontakt@rietz-casting-agentur.de

Selbstdarstellung Deutsch

Self-depiction in English

Role List:


  • Morgen Irgendwo am Meer Series (Independent) Oct. 2021
  • Old People/Saalheim TV Film (Netflix-Constantin). Aug. 2021
  • Letzte Spur Berlin TV Series (Odeon Fiction) January 2021


  • August Film (Noah Productions), September 2020
  • Morden im Norden TV Series (NDF Berlin GmbH), July 2020
  • Notruf Hafenkante TV Series (Letterbox Film), June 2020



  • Hey Siri Short Film (JoinThePlot). Role: Louie. January 2018.
  • Neverland Stage Musical (Tingleff Danish-German Cultural School). Role: Tiger Tom. March 2018


  • Jungle Book Stage Musical (Tingleff Danish-German Cultural School). Role: Mowgli. March 2017
  • TATORT, Meta (Wiedemann & Berg TV). Role: Kaleb. Crime Series. February 2017. 

2012 – 2016

  • Familie Dr. Kleist (Polyphon GmbH). Role: Sven Kämper. Family Series. May 2016. 
  • TATORT, L'amour Fou (REAL Film Berlin). Role: Kaleb. Crime Series. September 2016. 
  • TATORT, Dunkelfeld (Eikon Media). Role: Kaleb. Crime Series. Filmed: June 2016. December 2016.
  • TATORT, Wir-Ihr-Sie (Ziegler Film). Role: Kaleb. Crime Series. Filmed: November 2015. April 2016.
  • TATORT, Ätzend (Wiedemann & Berg TV). Role: Kaleb. Crime Series. October 2015.
  • TATORT, The Mule (Eikon Media). Role: Kaleb, son of police commissioner Nina Rubin (Meret Becker). March 2015.
  • MY USED MAN (Constantin). Role: Vincent. October 2015.
  • BINNY AND THE GHOST (Disney). Role: Oskar. October 2013
  • LÖWENZAHN (ZDF). Role: Moritz. Juni 2013
  • ROSA ROTH, The Shot. Role: Michael Raskow. October 2012


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